Information Gathering and Sharing: Written vs. Visual

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There are many methods for sharing and gathering information or evidence, as all information is evidence to something. The channel through which this information flows can be one of numerous options, including written and visual formats. As one can agree at this point that information can be expressed through a number of means including written and visual means, one may ask which method is the most beneficial for the sharing of information or evidence. However, it is impossible to give a definite answer, as the appropriateness of a channel is dependent on the specific message that is to be shared and the audience to which it is given. For the purposes of this paper, one shall look at messages in which the written format would be the most appealing.

The times in which written evidence is best are two-fold. First written evidence is best when those that need the information are numerous in number and wide in physical location. For example, if class were to be cancelled by a professor, the professor would not go up to each individual and tell him or her personally that class is cancelled, as this would be a very tiresome task. Rather, the professor would send the information in a written form to all students at one, such as through email. Finally, written evidence is best when the information that is shared can no longer be shared through any other means. For example, if one wanted evidence that Aristotle was a short man, one today cannot simply walk up to Aristotle and measure him as he has been dead for many a century. To find out this information, it would be best to consult a written form such as a book about Aristotle.

In conclusion, information or evidence can be shared and gathered in numerous ways. Information that needs to be given to a wide and numerous audience and information that can be gathered in no other way are examples of when the written form is best suited.
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