Informal Interview Assignment

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Informational Interview Report
Identify specific industry(s) you are targeting networking conversations? My first target industry for the networking conversation is the banking industry. It is my utmost aim to get an entry level job in the banking industry. In the banking industry my target is to get a management trainee position as a entry level job and later it will help me to achieve a managerial position. My area of study is based on the managerial and financial aspects of a company and so it will definitely help me to achieve this position. I have sound knowledge in every aspect of managerial activities and possess clear idea about the international finance and banking activities. This knowledge fits me eligible to get this position.

Details of Person that I networked during this event
First and Last Name: Ankur Pandya
Company Name: TD Investment services Inc.
Title: Investment consultant
Business Email:
Business Telephone: 416 431 4810Ext. 228
Date: Wednesday, March 20, 2013
Address: TD Canada trust
697 McCowan Road
Scarborough, ON

I select Mr.Ankur Pandey as my networked person because as an international student, I reached in Canada before 7 months, from back home itself my primary target industry was banking job. While taking my first account in td bank, mr.pandey explained me about the scope and possibilities of my course and encouraged me to complete the program and try to get a job in bank itself.

Two days before I took an appointment with Ankur Pandey .On that day Firstly, I made a handshake to this Mr.Pandey and wished him by looking into his eyes. Then I initiated my conversation by asking her about some general questions like “how was the traffic” and about “the organisation/ industry that he belongs to”. Then I made a brief description about my activities, my hobbies, my work experience and my volunteering experience. Then I asked about his and thus networked in a good manner. He was very happy to help me because from the starting of my Canadian life itself he encouraged me to enter into the industry of banking as my career.

Questions I asked and Ankur Answered
1. What is the title of the person you are interviewing? Mr.Pandey worked as theManager Customer Service in Td Bank
2. What are other commonly-used titles for the position? We can also call this position a financial consultant
3. What degree or certificate do employers look for?
Any degree related to banking is the first preference. Subjects which include Accounting, Finance, Marketing etc.. , 4. How can a person obtain this work experience?
He was very helpful to explain me about the work experience. After complete the graduation. You should do a three months program for banking industry. Then I can attend for the banking interviews. After that I should work for 1 year for getting the work experience. 5. Are any co-curricular activities recommended?

In the Td Interview itself they are taking only the talent candidates. Those who have good accounting as well as finance background, those who are very friendly to the customers with patience in mind. 6. What steps besides meeting educational and experiential requirements are necessary to "break into" this occupation? After the Graduation, there is a 3 month special program for banking. After this course we can send our resume to the TD Bank and attend for the interview. 7. What are the important "key words" or "buzz words" to include in a resume or cover letter when job hunting in the field? The buzz word included in the resume is talented in Finance, Accounting, and also add the candidate is a soundly and friendly person. 8. What are some related occupations?

The related jobs to banking are insurance companies job, Taxation and accounting job, mutual funds and share trading job. 9. What are the different salary ranges?
He said that salary for the banking...
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