Influence of Technology to the Lifestyle of People

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This chapter presents the introduction, background of the study, statement of the problem, significance of the study, scope and delimitation and methodology for the readers to have better understanding why this study was chosen by the researchers so as the importance of it. Introduction

Today’s generation greatly depends upon the abilities of machines, or what we so call Technology. Even before in the ancient times, we depend upon the help of Technology. We discovered Fire and the different uses that it gave us; we created weapons in order to easily defend ourselves, we created shelters to help us protect ourselves from the early calamities. In order for us to have a healthy and secure lifestyle, we created Technology. But what is Lifestyle? How do we know if we’re living a healthy one? How do we know if our dependence in technology greatly affects the way we live?

Lifestyle, how do we define it? Lifestyle is all about people and how they live. Lifestyles may vary depending on the personality of the person. Technology on the other hand is an application of science that aims to improve one’s living. These two are related because they both rely and depend on each other to develop. But how do we know if the lifestyle each and every one of us has is a healthy one? And how do we know that the technologies we are using influence us in a positive way? We all know that what Technology can do, but do we know for ourselves the effects and influence it brings us? Technology and Lifestyle combined will surely be a formula for success, but even so, it can mislead us to the way we live our life.

The researchers conducted this study to know the influence of Technology to a person’s lifestyle. We want to know the different aspects in our life where the very technologies we use can mainly influence the way we think, and even perhaps the way we live. We want to gain the knowledge on the influence of technology to the lifestyles of...
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