Influence of Technology on Daily Life

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Technology The human race has advanced in technology for a better living. Technology in today’s society is very important because it affects us in many positive ways. It influences in social interaction, health, and the managing of information.

Technology has allowed a better social interaction in the 21st century. It has influenced communication by making it accessible. Humans, over time, have created practical devices such as computers, cell phones, pagers, and others that give people access to media. There have been new creations of software’s that are compatible with the electronic devices used today. An exemplar would be Blackberry’s. They have changed the way of communication among people since it has new software that makes communication faster. Technology has also influenced communication by making it effective. It has caused communication to speed up among societies in the developing countries. Some examples would be via email and Skype.

In addition, digitization as part of advanced technology, simplifies peoples way of managing information. The improvement made in technology has enhanced the process of how information is stored and transported. The information can be stored in a compact form. There have been new inventions such as pen drives, external hard drives, among others. It has also changed the way information is classified and organized. For example, in a pen drive people are able to classify their information in an organized way like in folders. Digitization has also enabled the editing process of information and data. It has allowed changes in the picture quality, making it high definition, digital voice, and digital sound among others.

Furthermore, advances in technology have changed health outcome in a positive way. The new technology extends treatment to a broader population. Now a days, innovations address previous untreatable illness. Before, people died because of plagues and there weren’t the advancements in technology as

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