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“How Technology Has Affected Families”

By jlloyd Jun 17, 2012 591 Words
“How Technology has Affected Families”
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“How Technology has Affected Families”

Technology has been an essential part of human existence since prehistoric times. It has significantly progressed over the past 200 years. Digital technologies have invaded almost every aspect of our lives. It has become an essential element in learning, interpersonal communication, organizational work, and how we spend our leisure time. It is an ever growing aspect of our lives and is continually advancing rapidly.

Technology has provided people with extensive alternates to communicate; therefore, communication between families has declined. Instead of gathering around in the family room and enjoying activities we turn to technology for entertainment. For example, text messaging, Skype, webcams, Facebook, Twitter, and emailing are all popular ways of communication. Technology has never been more available and because of this our communication between humans falls through the cracks.

Not only does technology take away from family time, but it can also cause a financial strain on families. Children as young as seven years old are asking for the newest technology such as; a cell phone, game system, and any other gadget fad out. It’s even harder for a parent to say no when all their friends have one. The onset of new electronics has become a serious concern for some parents who can’t afford to give their children these things. Most electronics cost hundreds of dollars excluding any extras that come with it.

Technology has put a strain on our communication and finances, it has also instilled fear. Information you offer on the internet is in danger of being publicized, extorted, and even possible identity theft issues. Parents are in fear that their children may be engaging in inappropriate behavior or talking to strangers through computers or cell phones. The internet has made it easier for our children to be exposed to inappropriate things as well as television. The internet makes it readily available for children to access information and talk to strangers. One way to bring a family closer is to maintain a certain routine. Have dinner with your family every night and make sure everyone leaves their phone away from the table. Also, be firm on when they can and cannot watch television. It's especially important that you encourage your children to play outside and be active. It has been said that the media and technology can cause social problems and can stunt emotionally growth. Despite all the negative aspects that technology can have on our families we can take positive action to stay connected emotionally. It is important that we instill this in our children. They need to know that technology isn’t the only form of communication. Staying active and social will offset the negative effects of technology. Also, stay involved in your children’s lives monitor what they are doing on the internet. In most cases you have access to parental settings, utilize them. Maintain a regular schedule of activities and family time.

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