Influence of Rock and Reggaeton in Teenagers of This Era.

Topics: Adolescence, Music genre, Rock music Pages: 4 (1477 words) Published: March 2, 2009
The influence of rock and reggaeton, in teenagers, of this era.

Music is very important in our lives because it makes us who we are now. Music, since we are children, had a very important role in our lives. When we are kids we dance with the music that we hear in the television for kids and in the radio, we also learn the lyrics so that we can sing with the music. Since we are children we have feel attracted to the music for its rhythm and how it makes us feel. Then we are growing up and we began to hear different kind of music and then we choose our own. The one that makes us who we are, the one that makes us happy, the one that completes our life.

Since more than a thousand years ago there had been the presence of music in people’s lives. In every generation there have been different genres that are the most that people hear and enjoy. In Puerto Rico when our parents were teenagers they heard salsa and rock. These were the two major genres that they heard in that time. These were very different genres and people fought and made harsh discussions because of these very different types of music. But still they stick to it and they danced to it and went to concerts and all that. These differences, then they went out because then other genres became more popular. But still, they hear it and like it because that’s the music that they grew up listening to and liked it.

Therefore we can see that music could harm us because it works in our brains. We know this because music can make us sad or happy. If we are sad we want to hear music that cheer us up and so that we can feel better. Likewise, when we feel happy and we hear music that is sad we began to feel sad and people sometimes cry.

Moreover, rhythm is very important in the aspect of music. “The body has two responses to music when it passes through our brains. These responses are (1) the actual hearing of the rhythm and (2) the physical response to the rhythm (Laurence...
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