How Does Music Influence People

Topics: Adolescence, Human sexual behavior, Abuse Pages: 3 (515 words) Published: August 17, 2015

Selwyn Duke describes on his periodical about the power of the music influence people. He states that if individual can be taught to read with rhymes and songs, then he or she can also learn the same way what is wrong and right. He mentions how music can be used to provide a positive education, such teaching kids on healthy eating habits. But, the most intriguing is how music and culture has impacted the people. How it intrigues kids from sounds that they have never hear and from things that they have never seen, such as a young girl might get a maternal instinct when she hears the sound of a baby crying. As the culture changes, so does the music because each generation finds the last generation music unappealing. The author also describes how each style...

If the individual listens to a relaxing music, then the he or she feels relax with less stress. But, music can also be destructive because of its violent style and lyrics, such as heavy metal rock and rap music.
On a research done by doctor Craig A. Anderson and Nicholas L. Carnagey states that music with violent lyrics increases violence thoughts and it effects is related to aggressive lyrics. The author states that according to a report in MVC by Robert, Christenson, and Gentile about twenty present of males and sixty percent of females that are fans of heavy metal rock have tried to kill or harm themselves. According to the author’s periodical, each music s is carried by its sound instead by its lyrics that can create a profound effect. In the case of heavy metal music, the sound can signal an aggressive plan. The author states that individuals that criticize heavy rock stars have strengthen the power of impulse; increase rebellion, anger and other negative effect on young people. The author states that rock is basically not meant for participation, instead it is intended for expressing the exaggeration drama ego of the artist. Mr. Duke identifies what young individual...
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