Influence of European States to Unification of Italy

Topics: Italy, Napoleon III of France, Austro-Prussian War Pages: 2 (778 words) Published: April 11, 2011
Why was the influence of other European states important to the creation of a united Italy?

Italy was unified in 1871. There were three important individuals who had shown extreme efforts in unifying Italy. They were Mazzini, garibaldi and Cavour. Cavour was considered to be the most important person in unifying Italy, Eventhough he only ends the steps of Mazzini and garibaldi who initially started the idea of uniting Italy. However, it had been claimed that the assistance of foreign power was the most important reasons for Italian unification during the period of 1848 to 18 71. Firstly the influence of France was important to the unification to the unification of Italy. After the help of Cavour to France in the Crimean war. Napoleon iii promised to help Cavour in fighting against Austria through the compact of plombieres in 1855 where in the treaty napoleon iii agreed to help Italy against Austria and if they were success in defeating Austria, Italy promised to give Savoy and nice to France. When the war against Austria occurred in 1859, napoleon iii sent his troops to Italy and France would gain nice and Savoy. Therefore the influenced of France helped Italy gaining Lombardy from Austria. The influenced of Prussia was also important to the creation of the united of Italy. In 1866, the austro-prussian war occurred. Garibaldi fought against the Austrian when the Italian government formed an alliance with Bismarck. Bismarck promised to give Venetia to Italy if the Italians help them fight against Austria. The Italians helped the Prussians to win and the Prussian handed over the Venetia to the Italians as promised. Therefore, the influenced of Prussia leas to Italy successfully gained Venetia. The influence of Britain was also important in unifying Italian. When Italy offered help in the Crimean was, Britain rejected their helped because Britain that time had serious problem in its own country. Britain also warned both Austria and France that...
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