How successfully did Italian Governments deal with the problems they faced between 1896-1915

Topics: Italy, Roman Empire, Pope Pages: 3 (1063 words) Published: October 10, 2013
How succesfully did Italian governments deal with the problems they faced between 1896-1915 The liberal Italian Government faced many problems in the period between 1896 to 1915; Italy was in a political, economical and social state and was being held back in many ways because of this. Giolitti brought promising progress to Italy but could not solve all of the problems the government faced by 1915. Perhaps the most apparent and important problem which faced Italy was that of their economic situation, a lot of this due to the great north south divide. The north was going through a great industrial revolution with many new factories and other industries opening up creating many new jobs allowing the workers to earn enough money to live reasonably comfortably. On the other hand the south was still controlled mainly by wealthy landowners which lead to much poverty which contributed to the poor economic climate in Italy. This problem also meant that many southern Italians emigrated to America, but once they stopped Italians from entering the country, this was no longer an option. It is argueable that the government did however attempt to solve this problem with the invasion of Libya on the 29th september 1911. This was a promising decision made by Giolitti because it not only kept the Nationalists happy for a short while but it also meant that people in Italy now had somewhere else that they could emigrate to which meant that more money would be sent back to boost the economy. Also it provided lots of new Italian civilians that could be taxed. Despite these economic benefits the war did cost Italy a vast amount of money and thousands of soldiers were lost. Another very prevalent problem facing the Italian government was that posed by the Catholic church. Catholicism posed a threat to the government because they had declared hostility against them which meant that Catholics were forbidden to stand or vote in elections. This meant that the government was losing many...
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