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Advancing Career Development
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315 LON
Advancing Career Development

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Year 3
Global Business

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Year 3
Global Business


Every day we are enjoying the benefit of design but many designers are troubled into how to marketing themselves. The industry I would like to dedicate is a narrow defined particular segment of design agency industry - not the normal agency companies that only taking orders and contracting, but specifically designer representation agency who help designers on branding and promoting. Following is my SWOT analysis to this niche industry. And afterwards there are profiles for three representative companies in this field, industry leader, emerging company and company at risk respectively.

Design Nation is the leading designer platform in the UK, founded by Peta Levi MBE back in 1997 and now located in London. Design Nation is the only Design Craft and Product database and membership is solely selected by the peers of the design industry. Together, those 130 UK-based designer members of DN represent the best UK design and craft community. The creation of this website has been made possible through the help of many supporters who continue to be advocates for celebrating the best of British craft, design and product.

UK is full of historical and cultural heritage of art, London in particular. The market here is very mature, many art collectors and professional appreciators stay in the UK. However, UK designers are still stressing due to the lack of distribute channel and professional support of branding etc. And economy slowdown also effect on this industry. Design Nation is of great...
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