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Globalization or Not?

By yinchenzhi Apr 21, 2011 2032 Words
International Business

|Student ID number |U3063812 | |Student Name |Chenzhi Yin | |Unit name |International Business G | |Unit number |6241 | |Name of lecturer/tutor |Greg Mahony | |Assignment topic |Research and Planning Exercise | |Due date | March 24, 2011 |

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A. Identify a research topic
Globalization or not?
Based on the textbook, during the past few years the globalization do change the world rapidly and deeply. However, it has been argued for a long time. Globalization or not is not only the issues for politicians, but also economist and Social scientist, even for each and every person on this planet. The debate of whether the globalization is good or bad for individual, the family, the national, and the whole world. In the views of pessimists there is a terribly destructive trend of increased interdependence, while optimists see a diversity and better life for all people. To clearly understand the merits and demerits of globalization is to help the authorities make the right decisions. To enumerate the merits of globalization is to research the impact of globalization to the world especially on the world economy. The demerits of globalization could be located as the jobs and income is a biggest issue for some developed countries which suffered from financial crisis in 2007. The influence of environment and national power should also be considered. Globalization is making wealth gap and spreading it all around the world. The conflict of different culture is also a considerable issue.

B. Search Library Catalogues

David Held & Anthony McGrew, 2007. Globalization/Anti-Globalization, 2nd edition. Polity Press, Cambridge.

This is a Book about 'The Globalization Controversy'. It provides evidence for and against globalization in each of the main areas in the academic and public debate. The key areas such as the destiny of national traditional culture, the increasing global crime, the character of world economy and the role of global governing. To understand the issue of Globalization from two different aspects. David H., 2004, a globalizing world? Culture, economics, politics, The Open University. The author discussed the impact of globalization. Even in the past decades the world's economy make a remarkable progress, the politicians concern about the governance of domestic economy. This also point out who will be winners and losers. It has argued that everybody are potential losers from economic globalization. The poorest nationals might be the ones who lose most.

Donald M. Snow, 2010, Cases in international relations, 4th edition, Longman.

From this book there are many cases of international political economy which is helping me to understand the contribution of globalization to the world in past decades. It discussed the free trade of WTO, the rising power of China, the economic globalization of India and Venezuela and the integration of European Union. It illustrated the progress of globalization in different region and extent.

Raed Safadi & Ralph Lattimore, 2008, Globalization and emerging economies: Brazil, Russia, India, Indonesia, China and South Africa. Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

The analysis the main elements to the trade performance of Brazil, Russia, India, Indonesia, China and South Africa. To illustrate the relationship in trade of these six countries to the rest of the word. The book also include the development of trade in each of six countries during the past few years. It is an ideal book to know the trade policy and development in the selected countries.

C. Electronic Database

Noruzi, Mohammad Reza & Mohammad Bakhtazmai. 'A study of Globalization in International Business', Interdisciplinary Journal of Contemporary Research in Business, Jan2011, Vol. 2 Issue 9, p88-90, Key phases: Culture, Countries(developing & developed), Economic status, Heterogeneity, Partnerships, Rich and poor, Social reproduction.

Soleymani & Mohammad, 'The Heavy Price of Globalization: Globalization and Sustainable Development', Perspectives on Global Development & Technology 2010, Vol. 9 Issue 1/2, p101-118, 18p Key phases: Interconnection trade, Technology transfer, Lower cost, Environmental damage, Sustainable development, Climate change, National employment.

Petrescu, Cătălin Emilian Huidumac, Joia, Radu-Marcel, Gheorghe Hurduzeu & Liviu Bogdan Vlad, 'Foreign Direct Investments Expansion - Essential Globalization Factor'. Theoretical & Applied Economics, Jan2011, Vol. 18 Issue 1, p163-172, 10p, 1 Chart Key phases: Foreign investments, International economic relations, Trans-nationalization, FDI, Emerging countries, Global economical crisis.

Griffin & Keith, 'Globalization and Global Governance: A Reply to the Debate', Development & Change, Nov2004, Vol. 35 Issue 5, p1081-1091, 11p Key phases: Globalization & global governance, Three waves of globalization, American hegemony, Opportunities for specialization.

Kaya & Yunus, 'Globalization and Industrialization in 64 Developing Countries', 1980-2003, Social Forces, Mar2010, Vol. 88 Issue 3, p1153-1182, 30p Key phases: Economic Development, Manufacturers, International trade, Economic history, Gross Domestic Product(GDP), Industrialization.

Naghshpour & Shahdad, St. Marie, Joseph J., 'Globalization Discontent: The Effects of Globalization on Ethnic Protest', Peace Economics, Peace Science, & Public Policy, 2009, Vol. 14 Issue 3, preceding p1-27, 29p, 2 Charts Key phases: Globalization, Ethic conflict, Ethic relations, Protest movement, economic conditions, Humanitarianism. Discontent.

D. Items published on the Internet

Yale Global Online:
This Website provides the most recently research results articles by researchers from different academies.

The Globalist:
This Website is a daily online magazine of global economy, politics and culture. It provides articles which are written by researchers from different government department and organizations.

International Monetary Fund: This Website provides the key issue of globalization include the background, globalization of financial and trade, globalization of labour, global regulations and different opinion about globalization. BBC Globalization: These are the mainstream media websites of globalization, they contain the news and reports write by journalist and researchers from media. E. Collation, compilation of secondary data or statistics

Duo to the the rapid growth of the Internet and World Wide Web, it is very convenient for the researchers to collect secondary data or statistics. Internet is faster and more accessible for both publishers and collectors. There are several data and statistics sources on the Internet. The official website of International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank provide latest global financial data and statistics. The global institutions is another perfect source of data and statistics, such as General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), World Trade Organization (WTO), United Nations (UN) and United Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) they always provide annual statistics of the area they researched on. To illustrate the development of globalization, especially on world economy, the data and statistics of global GDP, world trade, world output, FDI inflows, Human Development Index in different region and Engel's Coefficient etc.. However the globalization also causes unemployment, exploitation, culture conflict and wealth gap etc.. The evidence of these demerits could be found in the listed sources above or previous research reports by professional researchers.

The table 1 below shows the Life Expectancy at Birth and Per Capita GDP in US$ in 1980 and 2008 of selected countries. It clearly shows that a great development has been made among those countries during the past decades. The development is not only in developed countries but also in developing countries especially China, India, Indonesia and Bangladesh etc.. Globalization is the driver of those developments. The longer life Expectancy is due to the development of medical science and share of the technology. The huge change of Per Capita GDP in China and India etc. mainly due to international trade and FDI.

Table 1:
|Country |Life Expectancy at Birth (Years) |Per Capita GDP in US$ (PPP) | | |1980 |2008 |% Change |1980 |2008 |%Change | |Algeria |60 |72 |20.0% |$2,988 |$8,002 |168% | |Bangladesh |48 |66 |37.5% |$284 |$1,337 |371% | |China |66 |73 |10.6% |$246 |$6,195 |2418% | |India |55 |64 |16.4% |$422 |$3,032 |618% | |Indonesia |54 |71 |31.5% |$640 |$4,001 |525% | |Mexico |67 |75 |11.9% |$3,943 |$15,314 |288% | |Nepal |48 |67 |39.6% |$267 |$1,106 |314% | |South Korea |68 |67 |-1.5% |$2,643 |$27,658 |946% | |Spain |75 |81 |8.0% |$6,850 |$32,994 |382% | |Thailand |66 |69 |4.5% |$1,048 |$8,099 |673% | |Turkey |60 |72 |20% |$2,063 |$14,068 |582% | |U.K. |74 |80 |8.1% |$8,383 |$37,317 |345% | |U.S. |74 |78 |5.4% |$12,186 |$47,210 |287% | |Low Income Countries|49 |57 |16.3% |$362 |$1,114 |208% | |Middle Income |61 |69 |13.1% |$1,187 |$6,229 |425% | |Countries | | | | | | | |High Income |73 |80 |9.6% |$9,266 |$37,758 |307% | |Countries | | | | | | | |World |63 |69 |9.5% |$2,765 |$10,722 |289% | |Global Sherpa 2010. Source Data: world databank; |

F. Progress so far - An Assessment
The summary of thesis.
Globalization, For
Changing world output, world trade and FDI.
Collect data and statistics to illustrate the development of world economy and in different area. Change of living standard.
• Higher standard of lifestyle
• Higher education & medical level
• Convenience of transportation and communication
Higher utilization of resources
Better management of resources.

Globalization , against
Unemployment & Exploitation
How globalization causes them and to what extent it influence the domestic economy. Culture Conflict
The contact by different culture may cause the conflict even war. Wealth Gap
The rich richer and the poor poorer.
The pollution makes everybody a victim.
G. Essay Plan

I. Introduction Paragraph.
• Identify globalization
• Background and history of globalization
• Two different senses of globalization
• Globalization a really existing condition
II. Body Paragraphs.
The contribution of globalization.
A series of interrelated drivers, such as General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT),World Trade Organization (WTO) and Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), is making change to achieve the integration of world economy. They lower the trade barriers, increasing the financial flows and improve technology and communications. They also balancing the development of the world. The rapid development of science and technology makes a better standard of living become a reality. The positive globalists believe that the whole world is developing toward a better lifestyle. It is truth that in many developing countries and even undeveloped countries better medical and educational facilities are been provided. With the development of transportation and communication, global travel is no longer a dream and we could know what is happening on the other side of the world lively. Globalization provides better resources utility. Drivers always try to find the most rational way to use resources. Lower the cost of manufacture, convenient transport, accessible market and maximum profits are the efforts of globalization drivers.

The defect of globalization.
The globalization causes unemployment in developed countries and may exploit people from developing countries. Unemployment remains a serious problem to U.S. Government since Global Financial Crisis in 2007. The culture conflict is not only the reasons of discrimination, but also result in terrorist attacks even wars. Globalization seems did not able to average distribute wealth. However, according to Wade (2001)[1] the world's richest 20% population controls the 82.7% of World income, while only 1.4% of world income controlled by poorest 20%. The increasing environmental issues threatening human being and other spices on this planet. Human activities are destroying the earth. And globalization is the propellent.

III. Conclusion

The positive globalists see all states and people benefits in the long term, while the pessimist globalists see the threats to a range of groups, including the unemployment and exploitation, the poor of the southern hemisphere, the conflict among cultures and all of us as victims of pollution. Globalization provides both opportunities and pitfalls. Those who in power need to fully consider both the merits and demerits. There is no absolute right or wrong, we could be both winners and losers. -----------------------

[1] Wade, R (2001), Inequality of World Incomes: what should be done? At

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