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On my first day in the establishment, I was taken to the Data processing department where I was to work for six months and was put in the category of the temporary workers. I was introduced to the heads of the data processing department and also most of the staffs that I was going to be working with or should I say trained with. It was a very challenging start for me working in a new environment and meeting absolutely different people. I realized that I still had to make use of my programming skills I learnt in school . This trainings will be explained as we go on in this chapters. I was given a manual during the first week of my stay there to read and learn about the various applications I would be using and their terminologies in the departments. Some of these applications are : Dimensions

SODA designer
DM query
SPSS statistics
Survey reporter
Some terminologies I learnt and used and their meanings are : s/n


These are research work designed by the client to know what the market/ consumer think about a product in the market.


planning sheet
Where the period or time frame of a project is laid out.


Every job is called a project with the inclusion of the job name e.g. Project paste. 4
The field worker assigned to a project.

The data entry personnel.
An individual who enters a questionnaire for filling.

These refer to each question in a questionnaire.
PAPI(Pen And Paper Interview)
Respondent are expected to fill the questionnaires on their own. 9
CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview)
Respondents are called in this type of interview and their responses are recorded by an interviewer . 10
CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interview)
Respondents answer the questionnaires online via the internet. 11
CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interview)
Respondents are interviewed in person by an interviewer who records the respondents answer or a phone or computer 12
These are some of the terminologies we use in our department to be able to differentiate or know a particular questionnaire and know which application would be used. After being through the terminologies and applications I would learn , I was shown the flow of projects in the department. From the DP manager to the Asst. DP manager who then decides the DP team that would handle .Each team has an head analyst who appoints the project to a particular analyst to handle the project then communicates it to the C&S research executive handling the project for them to know who they would be working with directly if there be need for any form of modification in the questionnaire then to the Field if there is no more modification needed , from field to the E&C departments for editing then to the data entry department for punching then back to the DP team handling the project . this is the simple description in a flow chart. FLOW IN THE DATA PROCESSING DEPARTMENT

I would like to explain now the applications I worked on and with in .

Above is the structure of a designed questionnaire sent by the Q&C dept. to the DP dept for the creating of a template. 1.0.1 DIMENSIONS
Dimensions are market research software made by IBM. It has been renamed PASW (Predictive Analytics Software) but it is still called dimensions where I worked. It was used mainly for PAPI and CAWI interviews. Dimensions are of three file types the interview script (.mdd), MrScriptBasic (.mrs) and Data Management scripts (.dms) files. The Interview scripts (.mdd) are used as I said earlier for creating interviews. It has a metadata section and one or more (user created) routing sections. The metadata section is used to define the questions that will be asked during the interview ,i.e. it defines the question you want to ask. The routing section is written in the...
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