Industrial Marketing, Service Definition.

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Assignment number 3
Chapter: Service Definition and Channel Strategy
Submitted by: Ayesha Arif Shaikh
Date: 9th May 2013

Company: Net sol Technologies
Service definition
Netsol technologies is a service provider company, NetSol Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTWK) started its journey as a US based provider with a vision to create superior technology solutions. Relentlessly following their vision they now stand as one of the global leaders in IT Services and Enterprise Solutions. Since its commencement in 1995, NetSol has strictly controlled itself being committed to deliver the best software solutions. NetSol has ever since used highly experienced resources in analysis, development, quality assurance, and implementation to provide a wide range of high-quality consulting services and cost-effective development of customized application software. Their worldwide domain and subject matter expertise, proven track record and the capability to act as solution integrators can give you a truly cost-effective solution that not only meets, but surpasses their client needs. Provision of parts

Netsol technologies as being into service industry and dealing at industrial level, need support equipments, to help integrate the software better as well as to provide services of maintenance, upgrading, modifying so on and so forth. So when a company id dealing in industrial market the trends are different then the consumer market so are the major equipment needed and the supporting equipments. When we talk about IT solution the equipments needed by the NETSOL are listed below just to give an idea. * Servers

* Routers
* Data storage devices
* Information management systems
* Security devices
* Data security devices
* OSS solutions
* Network energies
These are very common supporting systems needed, then there are company specific equipment, so to just have an edge over other and that your customer knows only you are the expert of your product and switching cost is going to be higher. The availability of the parts to the equipment is a vital factor in the manufacturer’s effort to give satisfaction to the customer. And that is exactly what is meant by provision of parts. Thou in service industry it’s not the manufacturer but the service provider who need a physical support system in one way or another. So availability of the parts of supporting system, and the system itself is also very important. Standardized parts

NetSol as is committed improve the effectiveness of our quality management system through monitoring and enhancing customer satisfaction, reviewing and enhancing quality objectives, regular assessments against International Standards, developing and maintaining a skilled & motivated resource base and effective implementation of Software Measurement Program so do not compromise on the standard equipment it needs and the parts afterwards. They are not the manufacturer of the equipments but get it from the best company like Huawei. And get it delivered before hand, they have a contact with the company, and treat then as a partner to improve the experience. The chief market is for replacement parts, and the product itself is used in providing the services so the company gets the equipment delivered through a distributor. As a distribution channel for standard replacement parts, the manufacturer suffers from the disadvantages like 1. That his markup is usually higher, since it is likely to be tied to the mark up he enjoys on the machines themselves. 2. His point of distribution, where he carries stocks from which to service users, are apt to be fewer than those of the distributors; and 3. His marketing organization is likely to be heavily preoccupied with sale of machines, with the result that the sales of part does not receive the attention it should. The replacement parts contract, however is often close enough to enable the salesman who makes it to get advance notice of...
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