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Services Marketing

Name:Hang Hu
Student number: 12350648

As a Level 2 student studying Advertising and marketing, Service marketing plays an important role in my study. Service marketing is a sub field of marketing which covers the marketing of both goods and services (, 2014). It is considered to be a special kind of marketing, because it focuses on how to provide customer service can influence attitudes. Service now increasingly represents an integral part of the product and this interconnectedness of goods and services is represented on a goods-services continuum (, 2014).With economic growing and the development of service in most nations, Service sector has a big influence of the world economy. Our tutor divided us into different groups that we would presentation every week for six case studies in seminar. I work with five friendly British girls, I think this is a good opportunity to cooperate and communicate with them. We decided that all group members together to complete the questions in group meetings, rather than each member individually to complete part of the questions. This will help improve the efficiency of our studying.

Case study 1 ‘The Story’
This case is about John Townsend and his son Jack from Manchester to Singapore. This is the first case study after I learn service marketing .I read the case and write the answer before group meeting. Our group hold meeting at library, every member has put forward their point of view. This discussion was focus on five characterise of service that supplied by Singapore Airlines. Singapore Airlines offers a lot of good service, but it still has many shortcomings. For example: Seating area was too small in waiting area.Because this is the first case, we were very confused about the question and didn’t know how to answer it. In order to deal with it, we read lecture slide again so that try to find some idea. Linked the case and information of five characterise of service that teacher taught us in lecture, we finally solved this question. Our group identify five characterise of service were reception hall, main concourse, waiting area, Interior design of the plane, in flight entertainment system and Cabin crew. When we did presentation in seminar, the tutor told us the answer is wrong. The answer should talk about intangibility, inventory, inseparability, inconsistency and involvement. I realized that our group misunderstood the meaning of question. In addition, other group all focus on these five characterise. They also summarized positive effects and negative effects of service that supplied by Singapore Airlines. After presentation, our tutor said all group need add more picture in slide. Therefore, our group discussed what should we promoted in next presentation after class. The most useful knowledge I learned is how to use five characterise to analysis service. It is advantage for me to learn more knowledge about service marketing in the future.

Case Study 2: Joe & Co Hairdressing
This case study is a hairdressing salon which called Joe & Co. This case describes the details of Joe & Co from different aspects, such as: history, the Customer Profile and competition. In the last paragraph of the case, it also introduces the future development of Joe & Co. The most important point is ‘service encounter’ in this case, which I learnt the definition that teacher taught us at the lecture. I need it to explain some example about Joe & Co hairdressing. Our group changed the group meeting time from Friday to Monday, so we just have one hour to finish questions. First of all, we use 7P to clarify 'service encounter'. We talked about price, place, promote ,people ,product ,process and physical evidence of Joe & Co. Secondly, Joe& Co have...
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