Indofood Swot Analysis

Topics: Sudono Salim, Marketing, Salim Group Pages: 2 (307 words) Published: September 18, 2013
PT.Indofood Sukses Makmur is the Indonesia most successful company in producing food and drinks. PT.Indofood is located at Jakarta and it is founded by Sudono Salim in 1990 with the name of PT. Panganjaya Intikusuma and changed their name in 1994 to Indofood. Indofood company has also exported their food and drinks into Australia,Europe, and Asia. In this few decades, the Indofood company has turned to be a total food solutions that they do the whole food operational from the processing the raw materials of food until become a food that are stored in the supermarket or convenient store. Now Indofood is also have the plantation and distribution company.

SWOT analysis of the company.

1.Indofood is the biggest food company in Indonesia
2.Indofood brand is the most known food brand in Indonesia.
3.Indofood has the low cost of production.
4.Indofood product is practical and easy to find anywhere.
5.Distribution reachs are so big.
6.Indofood product cost cheaper than their compatitors.
7.Indofood taste is already accepted by the Indonesians and the foreigners.
8.Indofood distribute their food to alot of country.
9.Indofood has done a lot of corporate social responsibility.
10.Indofood financial is very strong.

1.too much alternative products rather than focusing on one product.
2.too much flavour on their products demand hasn't fulfilled yet.
4.too many variations of food.

1.Can do exporting their product to the whole world
2.Can do partnership with foreign food company
3.Can control the whole food market in Indonesia
4.Indofood Stocks can be the highest price in the stockmarket.

1.Too much compatitors nowadays
2.they dont focused on one product
3.Competitors Innovation and Promotion are better.
4.Bad Issues from other country about the health.
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