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Hospitality Law

Word count: 1000 words
Submission date: 1st July 2015

Khalid was interested in buying Siti’s painting which she had named “Hawa”. Khalid met Siti and told her that he will pay her RM5,000 for “Hawa”. Siti said she will think about it. 2 weeks later Siti told Khalid that she will sell him the painting for RM7,000. Khalid said that the price was too high and he did not want the painting. One week later, Khalid received bonus from his employer. He immediately contacted Siti and told her that he will pay the RM7,000 for “Hawa”. Siti refused to give Khalid the painting, saying the price had now gone up to RM10,000.

Explain to Siti whether she is bound by any contract to sell the painting to Khalid for RM7,000? Make references to relevant case laws and legislation. (100 marks)
Performance Criteria for Assignment

Marks are awarded based on the following guidelines:

Assessment Guidelines
Pass answers are expected to be legible, tidy, well organised and written in clear, understandable English. Students who grossly exceed the word limit will be penalized.

Superficial analysis and language of the subject are absent or scant. Irrelevant regurgitation of text book. Ideas are poorly expressed. Many key issues are ignored. Concepts and language of the subject are used but are often confused in application and or explanation.
Evidence of reading and research. Understanding of the application of appropriate law. Key issues are identified and analysed, although this may be restricted at times. Some sources are acknowledged.
Evidence of wider reading. The assignment effectively interprets the information and exhibits the integration of ideas across the subject area. The assignment has credible recommendations. A systematic approach to development and evaluation is used. Most sources are acknowledged and referenced using the relevant Referencing System.
Arguments are clear and convincing.

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