Indian removal act

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Indian Removal

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The Cherokee land stretched through the southern appellations, the land consisted of beautiful green mountains, filled with trees, tall rock mountains and lakes with high water falls. It was a land of which no other can compare to, “Ridge”, who was born in 1771, grew up in the Cherokee lands, said, “I would willingly die to preserve them.” (2:52). The Cherokee nation had constantly been under threat with other Indian tribes and the Americans. So the Cherokee’s were rarely living in peace in their lands, Ridge who was one of the native sons and warriors, fought desperately to preserve his land. All though he and his people were unsuccessful, they never gave up; they fought until they were forcefully executed from their land.

Ridge knew his lands were never going to be at peace, so he sent his son, John Ridge, to college to be educated, hoping that later in the future he can build a strong Cherokee nation and keep anyone who was going to interfere with their land, out. John Ridge was consider to be a “brilliant” man, but being educated, cultured, sophisticated just was not enough to keep his land preserved. As soon as the Americans discovered that the Cherokee lands were filled with gold, it immediately attracted white prospectors to cross into their land. The Cherokee nation was never to be the same, at that time Andrew Jackson was running for president; he was all for the people, he gave his word that he would do as the people pleased, so he was elected president. He quickly created the Indian Removal Bill, New England senators voted an eleven to one vote against the Bill, later it was passed and the Cherokees were given a time of two years to leave their land. There were no alternatives to the policy of the Indian Removal, when the discovery of gold was found, it was set, the Americans were going to do everything and anything...
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