Indian Fmcg Sector

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The fourth largest sector in the Indian economy is all set for 16% growth during 2008-09, from a base of Rs. 85470 crores, as predicted by FICCI. Going forward, as anticipated by CRISIL, FMCG sector will touch around Rs. 140000 crores by 2015 (33.4B$).

This post will through some pointers for growth in FMCG Sector and update with the contemporary category trends.

Growth Drivers: FMCG Sector

1. Disposable Income: There is increase in disposable income, observed in both rural and urban consumers, which is giving opportunity to many rural consumers to shift from traditional unorganized unbranded products to branded FMCG products and urban fraternity to splurge on value added and lifestyle products. The increasing salaries, along with rising trend of perks in the corporate sector at regular intervals, have increased people’s spending power. As per some research, there is a high correlation between Disposable per capita and HPC per capita. 2. Organized Retail: The emergence of organized retail have lead to more variety with ease in browsing, opportunity to compare with different products in a category, one stop destination (entertainment, food and shopping) etc, which is playing an important role in bringing boom in the Indian FMCG market. Currently the modern trade is capturing 5% of the total retail space, which will increase to 10% and 25% in 2010 and 2025 respectively. Also, as the credit card and organized retail trend picks up, people won’t think much while buying and buy more. 3. Distribution Depth - Rural Penetration: There are 5500 towns and 6.38 Lacs villages with 2.5Mln and 5Mln outlets respectively. Due to saturation and cut throat competition in urban India, many FMCG companies are devising strategies for targeting rural consumers in a big way. Many FMCG companies are focusing on increasing their distribution network to penetrate with a step by step plan. This is the reason that FMCG urban market size has dropped from 50% to 29% in last 5 years....
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