Independence Day of India

Topics: The Star-Spangled Banner, Flag, Nation Pages: 2 (469 words) Published: August 6, 2011
15th August 1947, the day of our independence! We were given complete freedom for this land and nation. A seat of equality and self respect was given to us. We were offered membership and voice among free nations of the world.

People celebrate the day with a lot of enthusiasm. They decorate buildings, houses and streets. Tricolor flags are unfurled along the roads and on the buildings. School children take part in the celebration more vigorously. They prepare for to welcome the area leaders who come and unfurl the national flag on the centre point. This is followed by the singing of National Anthem by entire group and teachers. Slogans are raised and the function ends with a speech by the chief guest. Sweets are distributed and the function closes with announcement and notifications.

Last year, I joined a function in my colony. The president and the secretary invited Prof. V. K. Malhotra as chief guest of the function. He came with his wife and brother at 6 a.m. He met the invited gentry and mixed with them. He was, then, conducted to the central dais, where the flag pole was fixed. The flag was hoisted and a shower of rose petals fell from the flag. The cool breeze of morning swing the flag on the top of the pole. Prof. Malhotra was later on conducted to the stage, where the colony children sang National Song and National Anthem. Some of the dances were presented by the local dance school. Then a few speeches were made by the president and the secretary of the colony. They emphasized for the co-operation of the residents for improved maintenance of the society.

President informed about the programmes to be followed in the coming year. He assured to look into the grievances of the residents and his efforts in evolving a solution. The secretary of the colony announced special prizes for the best performance in singing, dancing and social work by the children. Certificates were also distributed to the participants and the people were very happy about the...
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