14th August "An Independance Day"

Topics: Salwar kameez, Bangladesh, Sari Pages: 2 (472 words) Published: December 3, 2008
INDEPENDANCE DAY means a day when we had got freedom from not only our brute rulers but freedom from want from fulfillment of right needs and from dishumilitation it means we have got our own identity and our own valves. Every country has its own rituals and rules to follow, some nations celebrate it as a day of prayers, some nations spend this day as a day full of celebrations, and so on....But in our country "PAKISTAN" case is some what different we celebrate it as a day full of enjoyment, zeal, pleasure and satisfaction. On 14th august every one wears white and green dresses, mostly guys wear white shalwar or trousers and green shirt or kameez, and galls wears white shalwar kameez and green dopatas...(nice dressing). Little children wear colorful dresses and make tattoos on their faces and fore-heads. Most commonly in every city or village of Pakistan after saying morning prayers of FAJJAR and making dua for the whole nation children and youngsters went to WAHGA-BORDER or to any stadium near their village or city to raise the flag of sweet PAKISTAN. Approximately at 9:Am in the morning people from far and near come to WAHGA-BORDER and stand still in respect to view the raising of flag. The flag being raised by some Army Colonel or any Bargedier, all of the rest stand speechless and motionless in the honour of "NATIONAL ANTHEM" After seeing this view people from far and near sit down on the stairs of WAHGA-BORDER and see some MILITARY PARADE made by army soldiers after that approximately at 11:am spending so much time at WAHGA-BORDER all of them salute the NATIONAL FLAG and went away to enjoy the freedom and their prosperity and gayness. Their were also many stalls of meals in that area people took much relish in eating all that, The stalls of fruit chat, berger, dahi-bare, goll-gappay that is also known as (pani-puri) and tikka' also much filled up with rush of people that we seldom find a way to step in to it. After...
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