Incurable Contagious Diseases

Topics: Sexually transmitted disease, Human sexual behavior, HIV Pages: 3 (993 words) Published: April 3, 2013
DVyschard L. Graham
Mrs. Jennifer Duda
English IV Honors
December 12, 2012
Disease Awareness and Prevention
“Death in early childhood was a heartbreaking fact of life everywhere until the early twentieth century. Gravestones from the nineteenth century and earlier commemorate the death before the end of their first decade of life of between a quarter and half of all the children born into most families. Nearly all died of contagious diseases.” (Encyclopedia of Children and Childhood in History and Society | 2004 | John M.) Everyone knows what an incurable disease(virus) is, but not many know the reality of how contagious, deadly, and undetectable these diseases can be(not to be confused with chronic diseases which are usually hereditary). The severity of this subject is often overlooked and many people suffer due to their own ignorance. A lot of people get this arrogant idea that they’re invincible and have a false sense of security, thinking that these diseases can’t or won’t ever infect them. So they tend to act careless, and this is only the beginning to the problem. There are a variety of common and uncommon contagious incurable diseases such as; Hepatitis A,B, & C, HIV/AIDS, HPV and many more diseases which are transferred in many different ways such as blood to blood contact, saliva, air, sexual contact, skin, and even food. Most of the problem lies in those of us who have them and either don’t know or don’t tell anyone about their condition. Some aren’t all that deadly, some are just tedious and embarrassing which can be even worse than the ones that would kill you. There are even those who have long term effects and some leave you more susceptible to different types of cancer so just be ware. The Idea that you’re unsusceptible to these diseases is a big mistake. People think that because the person looks healthy and happy that they’re clean and have nothing to worry about. The truth is that a lot of these diseases can be in your...
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