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Topics: Tamil Nadu, Bollywood, Maharashtra Pages: 3 (656 words) Published: October 14, 2012

“Unity in diversity”-the most commonly used quote to describe India. we are all familiar with the video “mile sur mera thumhara”-“let our melodies meet”, it endorses different people coming from all across the country to celebrate our uniqueness and diversity and to unite our country. Raj thackerey a famous marathi politician condemned the producers and proclaimed that all the characters should sing in marathi, when pointed out by a reporter that the video was in the first place used to endorse the integration of multi-cultures, he was thrown out of the politicians residence for using an English word in the question such is the patriotism in our country.

This is the country where deciding our life partner on the web by just viewing their face is acceptable but meeting in person and getting to know the other person with whom one will spend their entire life is considered against culture. It is only in India that you can find multiple states closing down and mourning the death of a chief minister (late Mr YSR) and also people dying of shock at hearing this news, and yes how can the media not make a spectacle of debacle. When one gets such exciting news who would want to hear the not so important plight of farmer suicides.

Only in this country u can find people worshiping femineity in the form of a goddess and still have 70 year old couples going to the extent of selling all their property just to be able to pay for an IVF surgery for the wife to conceive a male child.

It is in this country where one can find temples in Tamil Nadu for “LORD HIGGINS-BOSON PARTICLE” and in Ahmadabad for “LORD AMITHAB BACHCHAN”. And people come dressed as gods to gain extra sympathy for begging in the streets.

“Athithi devo bhava “-“guests are equal to gods” is a very staunch belief in India may be that is why we bring them into the elusive spotlight that is reserved only for the most important events in the country ,that spotlight which may not...
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