Income Support Policies

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Income Support Policies

OCT 19, 2012


Income Support Policies

Today too many hardworking Americans are not making enough money to get by

and are suffering drastically to make an honest living. Do to the collapse of the economy

millions of people have lost their homes, jobs, and even their retirement savings. Many

Americans are working low-wage jobs paying minimum wage and are living way below

the poverty line. With the cost of living going up and minimum wage at a stand still, many

have resorted to government aid such as income support. “Income support is extra money

for those with a low income or none at all, who are working less than a certain amount of

hours a week and have not signed on as unemployment” (, 2008).

Programs such as “Temporary Assistance For Needy Families” (TANF), “Supplemental

Security Income” (SSI), and “Social Security” are benefits that provide income to those in

need in order to maintain a moral and healthy life style.

“Temporary Assistance For Needy Families is the means-tested federal income

program for dependent children under 18 and their adult caretakers” (Jimenez 2010, p.36).

The goal of this program is to provide temporary financial aid while aiming to slowly cycle

people off, primarily through employment and a time restriction on usage of the program.

The federal government designed the (TANF) program to have basic requirements,

guidelines, as well as a time limit, and left each state responsible in determining eligibility.

(TANF) is funded by block grants that are federally awarded to each state in order to have

a greater flexibility in deciding how to best spend funds, but must stay within various


Income Support Policies

provisions of the law. Although, conservatives and liberals both agree on providing help

for families in need they tend to see this policy different. When it comes to government

assistance such as programs like (TANF), liberals believe the program should provide

work related training as well as assistance for the needy in order to put people back on

their feet and expand their experience. Conservatives usually critique programs like this or

that provide any assistance to the poor, and always want to propose strict qualifications

as well as a time limit of usage.

Supplemental Security Income or (SSI) is another government program that

provides a stipend to low-income personnel who are 65 years of age and older, blind,

disabled, or under the age of 18 unmarried that meet the criteria are also eligible. (SSI)

was created to take the place of an existing program known as the “Old Age Assistance

and Aid to the Blind and Totally Disabled.” Jimenez J. (2010) states “(SSI) is a means-

tested program revenue funds of the government and supplemented by some states, there

is a reluctance by public officials to spend adequately for those covered by (SSI).” (p.34)

(SSI) is a policy that liberals and conservatives both agree with, they believe it is a

necessity and a critical lifeline for children or those with severe disabilities. They agree that

it is the nation’s commitment to providing a full quality of life to those who face the most

significant challenges.


Income Support Policies

With Americans living longer do to medical advancement, better healthcare, and

healthier living standards, people are living way past their retirement ages. Social security

is an income support...

References: Jimenez J. (2010) Social policy and social change: Toward the creation of social and economic justice, Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publishing
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