Hsm Checkpoint Week Four

Topics: Foster care, Child protection, Fosterage Pages: 2 (427 words) Published: July 1, 2010
What needs do each agency meet and what demographic does each agency serve? What or who may have influenced the agency’s decision to meet the needs of this demographic group?

Community Services Network has several different types of services which includes: case management services, maternal care, housing services, immigrant services, and rapid HIV testing for free. This service has a volunteer program and takes donations to help continue to provide for the needy. This program is designed to help individuals in the community, but is limited to the services listed above.

NC DSS has many services which includes:
Adoption Services
Child Placement Services for Children
Child Protective Services
Child Support Enforcement
Community Based Programs
Crisis Intervention
Emergency Assistance
Energy Assistance
Food and Nutrition Services
Foster Care
Independent Living Program for Foster Children (NC LINKS)
Interstate Compacts
Interpreting Services
Child Placing Agency
Family Foster Homes
Maternity Homes
Residential Child Care Homes
Problem Pregnancy Services
Refugee Assistance
System of Care
Work First Family Assistance
Special Initiatives/Programs
Challenge for Children
Community Child Protection Teams
Multiple Response Systems (MRS)
If you did not find a specific program here that you are looking or need additional information please contact us.

These programs are based on a individuals income and household size. This program is funded by the state of North Carolina, so we as tax payers help fund this program.

What differences have you observed between the ways the two agencies attempt to meet human needs?

Both agencies are reaching out to individuals in need. NC DSS has many more programs that are available to the public, but this program is backed by the state and is based on a individuals income.

How successful is each agency in meeting the needs of its demographic group? What challenges...
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