In What Ways Are the Arts a Means of Expressing Knowledge?

Topics: Mathematics, Science, Scientific method Pages: 3 (982 words) Published: December 13, 2012
In what ways are the arts a means of expressing knowledge? Discuss in relation to at least two other AOKs. (Word Count: 672)

Art can be used to express knowledge because not only does it contribute to education but also communication in daily life. Art is a means that expresses knowledge because the purpose of it is to mimic or copy reality or in other words it is a creative interpretation of reality. Art allows people to view the world in a different way because art usually emphasizes the elements in daily life that are usually go unnoticed. Even though art might be useful in gaining knowledge, this is not always the case. Art can also be a limitation to gaining knowledge because it only expresses a thought or emotion that is “stuck in the moment” and it also gives the artist the freedom to distort reality in whatever way they wish.

Other than Art as a mean of expressing knowledge, Art can also be used as a way to communicate. By using traditional language, we can use Art to convey our feelings, emotions, and other messages. For example, art is used in literature such as the books The Kite Runner and Grapes of Wrath, by using art as a way to communicate in these novels because it gives a reader the freedom to imagine scenarios. On the other hand, Art as a form of communication that allow human beings to look at themes, emotions, and feelings from different perspectives; This allows them to be in touch with the “depth of the human experience”, this means that communication is a key aspect of understanding people around you and gaining knowledge through what people say. However there are some limitations to art being a form of communication because since art is so broad, different people tend to interpret art in different ways, which can cause conflict between different views. For example

Lastly, Art is a form of education because it teaches about the psychology, morals, ethics, formality, and the history of human behavior. Art is known to be a moral...
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