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Topics: Native Americans in the United States, United States, Family Pages: 2 (854 words) Published: November 13, 2014
In the video "A Place at the Table" it showcases eight American teens discussing their ancestors trials and tribulations of what they thought would be the American dream. Their names are Wislene, Peter, Samuel, Reina, Carol, David, Terry, and Deloria. Wislene is a descendent from Africa, her grandparents were stolen from their native land and forced into slavery in America. They were re-named and separated from each other. They had to endure social justice blatant racism and nightmares upon nightmares of brutal violence and segregation. All they wanted was to start a family, homestead some land and live what they thought was the America dream.

Peters grandparents were Japanese, they were under the impression that there was mountains of gold in America and they could come here and harvest the gold and live wonderful lives better than the current conditions they were in. When they arrived during the war they were placed into "concentration camps" and had everything taken away from them. All they wanted was to escape poverty and have a small piece of the American dream but even though his grandfather even fought in the war his family still endured social injustice.

Deloria's grandparents were Native American. Her grandmother walked from Canada to California with her child on her back and a "white man's bullet in her leg". Self transformation plays a big role in Deloria's past, Native Americans were forced into American schools to reform them into the American ways . She remembers the racial slurs and crying at night just wishing that she was white. The teachers of the American schools would also physically abuse students. If a student was caught speaking in their native language they were forced to stick out their tongue and have the teacher strike the tip of their tongue with a taught rubber band.

Carol's grandmother migrated to Ellis Island at the age of eight, she was escaping famine in Ireland. When she met her husband he too was also a...
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