Charlotte Grimke Character Analysis
Topics: Woman, Marriage, Family, Gender, White people, Black people / Pages: 2 (398 words) / Published: Nov 15th, 2015

I predict that Charlotte Grimké and her daughter Hetty Handful Grimké, will achieve freedom from being enslaved to the Grimkés, a white aristocratic family. It is likely that the two African-American slaves, Charlotte and Handful, will adorn freedom because they are determined. As a means to earn money, Charlotte urges Sarah’s mother, missus, to allow her to be hired out to other white people, which will allow her to obtain a portion of the revenue by applying her sewing skills. However, missus is reluctant to allow Charlotte to work for other employers due to her irrational fear of Charlotte working harder for them, which in turn causes Charlotte to clandestinely and illegally hire herself out. Charlotte is deceitful, dishonest, and tenacious due to her thirst for freedom. She is willing to deceive her white owner, which may …show more content…
Horrified due to her abolitionist mindset, Sarah attempts to politely decline her alleged gift, but faces chastisement from her mother. Charlotte creates leverage of Sarah’s capacity for kindness and perfidiously lures her into a burdensome obligation; to make Handful free. A thoroughly substantial relationship rather than a maid in waiting and master is developed between Handful and Sarah, “Whatever it was, I began telling Hetty confidences I’d kept only with myself” (Kidd 58). Their friendship is based off of Sarah’s willful attitude towards teaching Handful literacy skills, and rooted on Handful’s alacrity as a student. Sarah begins to teach Handful the art of reading and writing as a result of Charlotte’s obscure threat, however, a magnificent incipience of friendship is mutually created in the process, which possesses the potential to lead Handful to freedom. Based on the textual evidence, I conclude that Charlotte and Handful will secure their freedom due to Charlotte’s promise with Sarah, and Handful’s alliance with Sarah

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