In the Skin of a Lion

Topics: Fiction, Novel, Narrator Pages: 2 (570 words) Published: October 4, 2007
Michael ondaatjes in the skin of a lion with its pastiore of memories and fragmentations is a unique piece of literature that cones together to form an integrated story. Through the richness of its eclectic quality the text exemplifies that not every text has its use-by date, as the novels textual integrity can not be denied by any generation, past present or future. The novel embodies ideologies from different headings, Marxist, Post Colonial and Postmodernist.

Different meanings reverberate beyond the single storyline through a series of independent yet interrelated stories. The focus lies on the marginalised members of society rather than the empowered elite, and the collaboration of their stories is brought together in a very unstructured way, the resulting discursive nature of the novel confronts readers, challenges preconceptions of narrative form and adds to the novel¡¯s textual integrity as an accurate reflection on human nature and life, to further ensure their relevance resonates through all generations.

Through the traumatic concern of isolation and companionship, Ondaatje presents a journey of discovery and illustrates the importance of relationships as their influence resonates through human lives. Patrick¡¯s desire to find closeness is juxtaposed with his inability to cope with the intensity of intimacy, from his ¡°abashed father¡±, he ¡°learns to deny community¡±. Hence he ¡°slides through company alcove¡± and is ¡°nothing but a prism that reflected their lives¡±.

However, accidental meetings can lead to transformational experiences evident within the ¡°women¡± in his life, Fiona, Alice and Clara as they instill in him to change and assume a role ¡°I am Patrick Lewis¡±, ¡°I am her father¡±, to rise above the ambiguity he feels for much of the novel. Hence ultimately, Patrick contributes to the novels integrity as he is a ¡°searcher who collects the various corners of the story¡±, and an axle around which the novel turns.

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