Analyzing: “a Pair of Tickets"

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Analyzing: ”A pair of Tickets”

“Theme” is commonly described as the central idea for literary work or ideas explored within a piece of literature. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines theme as: “a subject or topic of discourse; an artistic representation; a written composition; a melodic subject of a musical movement.” However, theme can also serve to convey a “moral” of a story, and as such possesses the unique ability to challenge the reader’s own moral compass, providing new perspectives, rather than simply telling a story. A good theme influences its characters on how to act and does so with authority. Taking a stand or committing oneself thematically, so to speak, makes writing clearer and creates more opportunities that can actually change the way a reader thinks or believes.

We see this presented in Amy Tan’s narrative, A Pair of Tickets. In this story, the theme is used in such a way where we actually see the narrative’s protagonist recognize and respond to the themes call to action. This method is very appropriate for Tan in A Pair of Tickets. Tan’s writing was influenced by real-life events where she and her story’s protagonist, June, both face the struggles and frustrations that accompany cross cultural relationships. As readers of this narrative, empathy builds quickly as we discover just how frustrating (and frightening) cultural barriers can be, most especially between the sacred bond of a mother and daughter. This analysis will dig deeper into the undertones of the narrative and explore these questions: what is the moral of this narrative and what perspective can readers glean from it? What archetype would best describe the protagonist? How can readers relate to her? Interestingly, every character usually has an archetype that can give the reader better insight into the character’s personal consciousness. For example, by asking “what specific things did June discover in this story?” the reader can gain insight and perspective. The moral...
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