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Topics: Marketing, Marketing research, Scientific method Pages: 6 (1809 words) Published: March 7, 2012
Subject Code: IMT-03
Subject Name : MARKETING
a. b. c. d. Write answers in your own words as far as possible and refrain from copying from the text books/handouts. Answers of Ist Set (Part-A), IInd Set (Part-B), IIIrd Set (Part – C) and Set-IV (Case Study) must be sent together. Mail the answer sheets alongwith the copy of assignments for evaluation & return. Only hand written assignments shall be accepted. 5 Questions, each question carries 1 marks. 5 Questions, each question carries 1 marks. 5 Questions, each question carries 1 marks. Confine your answers to 150 to 200 Words. Two Case Studies : 5 Marks. Each case study carries 2.5 marks.


A. First Set of Assignments: B. Second Set of Assignments: C. Third Set of Assignments: D. Forth Set of Assignments:

Objective: 1. Understanding the scope of business research and entire business research process. 2. Providing a fundamental treatment of business research that stresses the importance of research methods in business. 3. Imbibing the knowledge of the changing research methodologies and information technologies which have dramatically changed the nature of business research Contents NATURE AND SCOPE OF MARKETING RESEARCH Need to know the Customer, Definition and Meaning of Marketing Research, Applications of Marketing Research, Marketing Research Suppliers and Services THE MARKETING RESEARCH PROCESS Research Brief, Research Proposal, Types of Research Methods, The Main Data Collection Stage, Survey Methods, Questionnaire Design, Pilot Stage, Data Analysis and Interpretation, Report Writing and Presentation, Scientific Method TYPES OF RESEARCH DESIGNS Exploratory Research, Descriptive Research, Experimental Research VALUE OF INFORMATION Secondary Data, Primary Data, Questionnaire Construction, Types of Questionnaires SAMPLING Sampling Design Process, Types of Sampling PROCESSING OF DATA Tabulation of Data, Analysis of Data, Univariate Analysis, Multivariate Analysis ATTITUDE MEASUREMENT Attitudes as Evaluations, Methods of Measuring Attitudes, Scales of Measuring Attitudes, Multidimensional Scaling SEGMENTING THE MARKET Customer Value Proposition, Non Segmented Markets, Purpose of Segmentation, Segmentation and Market Entry, Process of Market Segmentation: Target Marketing, Segmenting Consumer Markets, Combining Segmentation Variables, Segmenting Organizational Markets, Evaluating Market Segments and Target Market Selection PRODUCT RESEARCH Marketing in Action ................................................. Page 1 of 5 ............................................................................... IMT-03

Concept Testing, Test Marketing, Real-time Product Research, New Product Research. ADVERTISING RESEARCH What should be Measured?, When and how to Measure? SALES ANALYSIS AND FORECASTING Potential Market, Available Market, Served Market and Penetrated Market, Company Sales Forecasts, Sales Budgets, Sales Quota and Sales Control, Sales Forecasting Methods APPLICATION OF MARKETING RESEARCH IN INDIA Market Research Society of India (MRSI), Television Ratings, Indian Insights.


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Explain the role played by marketing research in understanding the customer. How do the four components of MIS serve the informational needs of a marketer? Briefly explain the various stages of the marketing research process. Compare and contrast exploratory and descriptive research designs. Explain the various stages of designing a questionnaire. Explain the various probability and non-probability based methods of sampling. Assignment-II = 5 Marks


1. 2. Differentiate between the univariate and multivariate techniques of data analysis. What are the four types of scales used in measuring data? 3. The purchase behaviour of a customer and his psychological make-up can be an important basis for segmenting customers. Discuss how. 4. 5. Explain the...
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