Consumer Purchase Behaviour of Laptop

Topics: Scientific method, Brand, Marketing Pages: 12 (3301 words) Published: March 15, 2012
“Factors affecting the purchasing behaviour for laptops in India”

Prepared for
Dr. Sunanda Sangwan
Professor of Research Methodology

Prepared by

Group: 4 ‘B’

Rajkumar Singhania (20110
Priyanka Brar (20110035)
Hrudaya Ranjan Bihara (20110
Sunny Dahiya (20110
Saurabh Malik (20110
Jenish Saroha (20110
Dushyant Singh (20110
12th December, 2011

DATE: December 12th, 2011
TO: Dr. Sunanda Sangwan
FROM: Group – 4 ‘B’ (Rajkumar, Priyanka, Hrudaya, Sunny, Saurabh, Jenish, Dushyant) SUBJECT: “Factors affecting the purchasing behaviour for laptops in India”. Here is the report you requested as on 12th December, 2011 on the topic “Factors affecting the purchasing behaviour for laptops in India” .We are pleased to present the enclosed report, which summarizes the consideration to each alternative. Market Research has become an important tool in today’s competitive world. The neck to neck competition has made this a choice as identifying the problem and finding solutions to it. This opportunity as provided by you helped us to have a fair idea of the subject. The research done by us is focused on studying the factors that affect the purchasing decisions for laptops in India. The study started with identifying the significant traits of the purchase of laptops by people residing in India,the influence of their purchase,the price an individual is ready to spend on laptops etc. The next step was to identify the information required by us during the research and then going for qualitative approaches. This involved the process of literature review too i.e going through the articles of the earlier researches or surveys. After this, the hypothesis was developed along with a concept model. This further helped us to go for designing our research. The next was to identify key sampling techniques and data collection methods. Finally, the data analysis was done using the software package of SPSS Version 19.0., results of which are enclosed with the report. It was really helpful in learning the importance of this research as well as the subject as a whole as it helps us to go into the depth of the topic that an individual has chosen to research on and to know all the insights related to that topic. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to work on this assignment. It’s been a real pleasure in gaining such kind of education.For any queries in the report or to undertstand or discuss certain points or to get some additional information please feel free to contact us.

Table of Contents
2.Objective of the research6
3.Literature review8
4.Key terms/definitions of important terminologies
5.Research design13
Research model15
Multiple Regressions:17
6.Research methodology21

This report analyses the findings of the research undertaken on the topic “Factors affecting the purchasing behaviour for laptops in India”

The objective of the study is to find out the factors affecting the psychology of the consumers i.e. their tastes and preferences, their attitude, their spending patterns etc. and how do they adapt themselves towards the changing trends in the market and what a marketer should do in order to improve the strategies, adapt to the new changes. The study is narrowed down to the consumer behavior pattern for laptops purchasing.

Our research was not confined to a specific place or area we have collected the data from different parts of the country though have covered hardly a few cities.


The compilation of the dissertation in the present of form would not have been possible but for the valuable...
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