Improving Production at Mcdonalds

Topics: Kanban, Hamburger, Lean manufacturing Pages: 3 (1123 words) Published: May 27, 2012
Improving Production at Sutton Branch McDonalds
Productivity is a very important factor in a business. It is how well a business produces it’s goods depending on how efficient the output is made. For McDonalds this is very important because as a fast food chain we need to keep costs and waste as low as possible, whilst still producing quality burgers and chips to meet customer demands and company goals. McDonalds in general uses all three types of production. Job production is when one-off specialised products are made individually according to specification. Batch production is production split into several different stages and finally flow production is when production is split into many steps and as the product completes the first step of its manufacture it moves onto the next. We can personalise burgers to customer needs so that they can have their perfect meal, but in the end most of our foods(particularly) burgers end up going through a batch production but then are changed later on if a customer needs it a certain way (for example a McChicken Sandwich without lettuce). But because we don’t only sell burgers and chips, it’s a bit like flow production as well. This can be seen as we make burgers and pasties at the same time and they both require different production methods. So in order to fully optimise our batch/flow production we have to use one of the following types of methods of improving production: -Specialisation/Division of Labour.

-Lean Production.
I have analysed all three types and they are excellent methods to improve production at McDonalds. The first method is “Specialisation/Division of Labour”. This is when the workforce is divided into small groups to improve productivity as each section is focused on just one part. In practice it could work as shown in the diagram on the second page. As you can see from my simplified diagram there is a section where orders are made, where chips are cooked, where orders are stored, where...
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