Improving Organizational Performance Using Information Systems

Topics: Accounts receivable, Information system, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles Pages: 1 (252 words) Published: October 26, 2014
improving Organizational Performance Using Information Systems

Improving Organizational Performance Using Information Systems
Play Around Toys Inc. is exploring new ways of reducing cost while still deliver high quality products to its customers. An information system can assist Play Around Toys Inc. in more ways than just one. With the data provided I am able to figure out who has the best accounts payable terms, prices, and the companies with on-time delivery. Evaluating this information could lead to having the best quality products on the shelves when the customers want with a low cost of goods total.

After review of the orders and suppliers data I would recommend that Play Around Toys Inc. chose to work with only the suppliers who have shown to have the best prices with shortest amount of time between the order date and the delivery date. I would recommend using the following vendors: Dependable Vendors, Jones Suppliers, Fast-Deliver Supplier and First Vendor. These vendors have the best prices with the lowest transit time. Although the account payable terms are a bit high if business is running smoothly because product is on the shelf there is no reason why bills are not to be paid on time.

Information systems are important to have a successful productive business. Nothing but productivity can come from allowing the raw data of a company to be transformed into information that can be used to be successful. Play Around Toys Inc. should use to recommendation to save money to make more money.
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