Improving Oneself

Topics: Better, Public speaking, Regulatory Focus Theory Pages: 2 (793 words) Published: March 27, 2009
Never Stop Improving Last year I met this man who turned 45 and was filling in his application to study law in America. He was Romanian, had a Doctoral Degree in Space Robots and had been leaving in Seoul for many years. Still, he felt it was not too late to make his first million dollars in the States and bring up his daughter in a different country and culture. His example somehow motivated me to pursue my dream and enroll in MBA this year, despite I completely lack any financial education. It is never to late to start working on my weaknesses. First I need to identify them and keep working on them every day. There is always room for improvement. As long as I keep working on my presentation skills, try to correct the mistakes that I see or are pointed by others, I will feel more prepared and comfortable giving public speeches. Now I am more aware of the messages I involuntary send around me through my simple presence and body language. For example, whenever I am nervous or in a stressful situation like the one when I speak in front of an audience, when I lie or feel intense emotion, I start twitching my nostrils, like a rabbit. I’ve been asked why I was doing it and I denied like it never happened, while my nostrils were of course supporting the opposite. I practice self-control in the mirror, applying calming techniques, but the most efficient way to overcome this is to face new, challenging situations or to engage in discussions with uncomfortable partners. I applied for many jobs, although I didn’t have a real interest in some of them, just to practice my skills. At that time I thought my Letter of motivation was very persuasive, as I included a lot of information about my previous experience, education and background. Now I realize that I was wrong, as I was trying to sell my potential employers a list of features in stead of stressing what benefits they would have if they hired me. In my future Letters of Intention I will show exactly how I can...
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