How to Become a Better Person

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How to Become a Better Person
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All of us want to live with freedom, joy and love and be able to solve problems easily. This is the stage of becoming light like an angel. So how can we do this? edit Steps

Stop being angry. Don’t be suppressed, but don’t express anger. Both ways bring heavy outcomes. Just be assertive. [pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic]Ads by Google
How to Do Meditation?
Did You Know That Meditating Just 15 Min a Day Could Change Your Life
Bathe. You can remove all dust and negative vibrations this way. Breathe in and out deeply while imagining you are letting new energy come into you, and let all the heaviness and tiredness go out. Play a lot of positive thoughts in your mind. Then you will see your positive life express itself! Always keep zeal and enthusiasm for yourself. This will bring you to the flying stage. Meditate or use relaxation techniques.

Help others.
Be aware. Have awareness about what you attain.
Eat in the right way. Do not eat too much, and choose to eat right things when you do eat. For example: meat and fish can cause your digestive system to work too hard and become tired. Instead of that, choose food like tofu or beans - in fact, these bring as much protein and less toxins into your system. Sing! Laugh! Be humourous! Do something that makes your heart happy and makes you feel like dancing. Realise that the foundation to being a better person is to help those around you. Incorporate your own goals and dreams into the mix whenever they come to you, but don't worry if you don't know what they are, not everyone realises their wants and needs and is a part of life trying to figure what those goals and dreams are (Some go their whole lives without realising them! But don't worry, it isn't abnormal by any means). Recycle! Becoming a better person involves being an active and thoughtful...
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