Improving Environmental Status

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Supervisor at LVEMP
Name: Richard Rotich
Title: Community Development Officer
Signature: ……………………………………………………… University Supervisor: Dr. Esther Kituri
Signature: …………………………………………………….

Declaration by the Candidate
This attachment report is my original work which has not been presented to any other examination body. No part of this report should be reproduced without my consent or that of the Lake Victoria Environmental Management Project Phase II - Kenya OGADA MILTON OMONDI Sign …………………. Date ………............... DEDICATION

This report is dedicated to my beloved family Members.

This industrial attachment has contributed to me invaluable lessons and brought me to acquaintance with the environmental issues and the natural resource management methods resulting to the overall protection of ecosystem at large. This brought to the field the theory ideas that are learned in class and how they can be addressed to solve major environmental problems. I would like to take this precious moment to give my special gratitude to the entire Kenyatta university fraternity for exposing me to the academic awareness and taking the initiative of offering me a course that took me to the field to gain the knowledge that I appreciate a lot. I won’t forget to extend my appreciation to my lecturers, Environmental Planning and Management Department Kenyatta University for the knowledge they imparted on me, and constant guidance and encouragement that made this practicum a success, especially Dr Sammy Letema for continuous update, Dr Esther Kitur and Mr. Peter Nyaoro for dedicating their time to come all the way to kisumu to supervise me while on field. In a special way I also want to thank the entire management of lake Victoria environmental management project phase II for offering me a chance to attach within their institution and also serving me with the relevant materials for the study and also field facilitation Process. I would also like to thank my fellow interns from other Universities; Hellen, Sospeter, Ongudi, George,Priscah, Allela, Kiumba and Jerry for their support and encouragement. In addition to that, this report cannot be without the mention of my family members who were so supportive through encouragement and financial support during the period. Gratitude also goes to Mr Byron Okal for his advice and moral support before,during and after attachment and all friends whom I may not be able to mention. Finally I would like to thank the almighty God for the gift of life and knowledge that he has offered me since I was born to this particular moment.

Executive summary
The attachment season has been an experience gaining period for me after the knowledge I gained from lectures as I undertook my industrial attachment at Lake Victoria Environmental management project phase II, (LVEMP II).

LVEMP II is a regional initiative by East African Community (EAC) partner states, coordinated by Lake Victoria Basin Commission (LVBC). The project is an eight year project being implemented in three phases referred to Adjustable Program Lending,(ALP). In Kenya the project is being implemented in the Western and Nyanza provinces through the ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources, (MEMR) by the loan from Word Bank through the International Development Associations (IDA). This project is a follow up of LVEMP I which came to close in 2005 and generated data, information and lessons that designed it. The higher development objective of LVEMP II is to contribute to the EAC’s Vision and Strategy Framework for Management and Development of the Lake Victoria basin –“a prosperous population living in a healthy and sustainably managed environment providing equitable opportunities and benefits’’. This project has been put in place due to the following reasons: i. High pressure on lake victoria

ii. High pollution load into the lake
iii. Receding water levels at a very...

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Kenya gazette Supplement No. 56.
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