Importance of Uniformity

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Uniforms help identify or tell us someone’s job or an organization they belong to. When you see a uniform it tells you something about the person wearing it. When you think about it, you see uniforms everyday. For example, doctors, police, chefs, and us soldiers.

Uniforms can tell you that a person is there to help you. It makes them look different from other people so you can identify/recognize them more easily.

Think of doctors, nurses, police, firemen and soldiers. A uniform, as opposed to a costume, is clothing of a certain type, style, and make up that is required by the organization the person belongs to. An Army uniform is actually described in Army regulations and Federal law allows military uniforms to be only worn by persons serving in the military. Uniforms tell you not only that a person belongs to a certain group but also that person has skills other people don’t. A police officer is only allowed to wear this uniform if he/she has completed specific training. A nurse is only allowed to wear this uniform if they have completed nursing school. You wouldn’t ask a police officer to stitch a cut on your arm and you wouldn’t ask a nurse to arrest someone.
People in the armed services are different from other people. The army uniform tells you that the person wearing it belongs to a specific country and organization:
The United States Army. This means the person wearing it has taken an oath to the government of the United States to defend the nation, even if it means they might get hurt or even die.
The Army has two types of uniforms, one for dress and one for work. The Army work uniform is like a fireman’s uniform – it helps protect the wearer.
The uniform provides protection for the wearer. It is a type of camouflage
(because of the pattern) to protect the wearer from being seen. It tells you s/he is a member of the US Army. It tells you the person’s name. It tells you the person’s

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