Importance of Maintanance

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Importance of maintenance
Maintenance of air conditioning is important to prevent health and safety issues and keep the air clean and prevent break downs. Heating, ventilating, or air conditioning units for repairs entail significant costs, so it is important to avoid future expenses. Older air conditioners may still be able to offer years of relatively efficient use. However, making older air conditioner last requires performing proper operation and maintenance.

Air conditioning maintenance facts
HVAC system failures are caused but common dirt and dust buildup caused by neglect. With both the indoor and outdoor components out of every day sight it is easy to forget to regularly service air conditioning system performance.

If the filter is not cleaned at regular intervals it may become partially clogged with lint and dirt. Operating the system without a filter allows the lint and dirt that is normally trapped by the filter to accumulate on the cooling coil of the air conditioner. This will lead to a loss of air volume, possible equipment damage and an expensive cleaning process. That why proper maintenance of air conditioning system required.

Preventive Maintenance
Preventative maintenance is essential in reducing equipment failures, corrosion and expensive repairs. Preventative maintenance programs can help reduce energy usage and save you money. Followings are packaged air conditioning system preventive maintenance procedures.

(a) Air-side maintenance
1. Change filters - time between filter changes depends on the type of filters, their dust-holding capacity, and the amount of dust in the air. A change interval of from 3 to 6 months will be the normal range. 2. Check all portions of the unit through which air flows for cleanliness and for evidence of standing water or biological growth - every 6 months. Clean as required, and repair any leaks or other uncontrolled sources of water. 3. If there is evidence of biological growth, clean...
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