Hairstyles And Facial Hair By Aaron Marino

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Men’s Hairstyles and
Facial Hair by Aaron Marino

Table of Contents

Alpha’s Basic Hair Principles

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Hair Style Based on Height

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Hair Style and Face Shape

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Find the Perfect Hairstyle

page 10

Facial Hair Based on Face Shape

page 11

Hair & Facial Hair for Balding Men

page 12

Hair Cut Prices

page 16

Virtual Grooming

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Alpha’s Basic Hair Principles
Get a Fresh Cut- Do not wait too long! Short hair (under 2 inches) every 3 to 4 weeks max. For longer hair, every 4 - 6 weeks. Here’s a tutorial about How to Chose a New Hairstyle
Cut- Find a hairstylist that you will love by asking for referrals. When you go for your appointment, request hair product recommendations from the stylist as well as instructions how to style your new hair cut with those products. Check out How to Find a Good Hair Stylist
Style- Knowing your hair texture and length, utilize Google Images to find celebrities with similar hair and gather ideas from the different haircuts that they sport.
Practice and Play- Practice and play with your hair style in different conditions. Product- Get Bueno Hair with Pete and Pedro Store and Products
Are you not sure what P&P product (clay, cream, paste, pomade, putty) to get? Shoot an email over to to find out for what product is best for your type of hair.
Cleaning- Don't over wash! Shampoo every other day or even every three days depending on how oily your hair is. Pete and Pedro Clean with peppermint and tea tree oil is
Conditioning- At least once a week, apply conditioner and allow the product to sit in order to close the cuticle and promote hair health, luster, and shine. Pete and Pedro Condition is nourishing and vital to your hair health.


Healthy Diet- Take care of yourself from the inside out to have healthy hair and nails.
Scalp- Take care of the dandruff with Neutrogena T-Gel which you can hear about in this video Eliminate Dandruff | Neutrogena

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