Importance of literature in our lives

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Literature. Very few grasps its concepts, yet it’s renowned as one of the many important things that affect our lives, our very personality, not in the context that it changes us as who we are but widens our horizons, lets us see the bigger picture on nearly everything, literature can really be one of the more important things in life similar as to health and fitness, a great mind can be just as rewarding as a great body, especially when applying to the little or big things in life.

Now lets look at what literature is. People have different viewpoints on what literature is. At face value it is an art form used for expression in my opinion of course the term “literature” has many various vantage points to which it takes different directions yet majority of people think it is just a high amount of words of paper describing something it was written for. English literature means different things in different contexts, but all definitions agree that English literature includes literary works like novels, stories, poems, non fiction and plays only composed in English. At the college or graduate level, English literature tends to refer to British literature, while in high school and in general usage, English literature often refers to any literature written in English.

Literature displays, apart from words on paper, cultural ideals, customs and teaches some people the indirect meaning of morals. I say “indirect” as a sort of misleading kind of learning, people learn it without the understanding of even learning it’s straight definition. The written word gives us a deeper context into the lives and livelihood of people distinct from ourselves, maybe people from the past, for example William Shakespeare. Through Shakespeare’s play “the merchant of venice” we could see a glimpse of the past and how it worked, how people were like, how different people

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