Importance of Gadgets

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Electronic Gadgets In Our Life
God has given us everything like plants, trees, flowers, beautiful creatures and of course a very intelligent brain, through which man can do anything. As we all know that India has developed itself in technology and has invented many new electronic gadgets, which have many advantages and disadvantages. Man has become so intelligent that he has invented aeroplanes and spacecraft to fly in, trains, cars, ships and boats for every other mode of travel from one place to another, and mobiles, telephones and the Internet for communication and many other gadgets useful in every aspect of life. These inventions have made it possible for us to do many things undreamt of at the beginning of the last century. The world has become so advanced that we have computers and laptops in almost every household today. Internet facility is also a great invention. Mobiles help us to talk to anyone, anywhere at any time. Man has come a long way from the invention of the wheel. There are serious disadvantages of such a fast pace of progress, like global warming and pollution but scientists are working on that too. All electronic gadgets have improved our life a lot. So in the coming centuries we can imagine how our life might be. Aashna Narang

There are hundreds of inventions which have revolutionized human life. Electronic gadgets are prominent among these inventions. They play a vital role in our lives. The electronic gadgets which we use daily consist of lights, televisions, computers, fans, A/Cs, refrigerators, telephones, cell phones, etc. Life would have been very difficult without these inventions. Let me give you an example of cell phones to show the importance of electronic of gadgets in our lives. Cell phones have occupied a very important position in our lives. Think what would happen if cell phones or mobiles hadn’t been invented? There would be long queues of people outside the PCOs who would be waiting to call up. You can easily imagine the...
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