Critical Review

Topics: Media multitasking, Multitasking Pages: 2 (1007 words) Published: October 21, 2014

Mohit Sharma October 1st, 2014
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Critical Review Assignment
New Media: Making Our Lives Easier or More Complicated?
Driven by distraction
“Driven by Distraction” written by Jon Lorinc, a specialized journalist for urban affairs in Toronto, Canada. This had been former article from a Canadian magazine about contemporary issues and culture called “The Walrus” (2007). The magazine was based on Canadian societies general interests, which included arts and culture, design, fiction and poetry, fine arts, and politics and society. Jon Lorinc discusses how in today’s society all of the things we are trying to accomplish at once to be more productive, essentially making us have a difficult time to process things. Lorinc believes that how society is using all of these electronic devices to stay connected and updated are really missing out on the point that they are just paying for their privacy to be lost. In today’s era I believe that we are loosing our privacy by paying for it to be taken away because whenever you initially purchase a device; for example: an Apple iPhone you essentially are giving up your privacy to be able to stay connected where as the company is also not letting you access a wide range of functions when you do not share your information with them. The article is very well written, in the sense that it is able to thoroughly deliver the message of how we are making ourselves relying on devices to the point where it is hard for us to really just simply think along with how we are so technology ambitious. In summation the article discusses how the technology is advancing from day to day and that each and every one of these devices is becoming more powerful as we go on. The problem that we experience in today’s era is that we are so greedy for having more technology to have things be easier, quicker and all from one place creates us to be in a dilemma where we are making our lives to be more difficult or...
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