importance of following orders

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Importance of Following Orders

The importance of following orders is that if one person breaks off and does whatever they want it can leave others weak and vulnerable. Being in that state, others can be subject to extreme conditions and injury. There are reasons why regulations and protocols have been put in the places they have, to prevent chaos. There is usually a good reason that an order is given to a subordinate of lower grade. Although there can be times where an order can be unlawful, there are counter measures in place to prevent such a case. One can sometimes not have the knowledge if an order is just or unlawful. They will think that what they are being told is the right thing and carry them out when they should not have. If orders are not carried out it can lead to inevitable disaster. Being assigned to Lukatina guard desk duty is a great responsibility with incredible risks. You hold the responsibility of protecting the nations secrets and the people there in. the people working inside of the building need to be protected and feel safe with the conditions they are under. We are here to provide that pivotal security. If one of use falls out of line then the entire system of operation can be thrown out of place. In the case of leaving the desk to acquire food for the day, was it wrong? Yes, and it should not have happened and it will not happen again even if it means to have to go hungry for the whole day until end of shift. That is the sacrifice that needs to be made in order to keep harmony in the circle of work that has been set up and has been up for a great span of time. What kind of a soldier has the right to break that cycle just because they were a little puckish? None, under no circumstances are you to leave your post no matter the situation or time of day unless otherwise told so be your immediate chain of command.

The chain of command is there for a reason and should...
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