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Importance of Eucharist in the Catholic Faith

By Mariznashed Apr 16, 2013 389 Words
Eucharist in the Catholic Faith

In order to understand the Catholic faith, a person has to know the mysteries of the church, or in other words, sacraments. Sacraments are special occasions where God’s presence can be felt. Each sacrament provides us with grace with the life of God in our souls. Eucharist is one of the essential sacraments in the church because it is a way of literally bonding with Christ Himself, as He is truly present under the appearance of bread and wine.

Receiving the host is important in the Catholic faith because it strengthens our relationship with God. When we receive communion, Christ dwells in us and we in Him. As the bread is broken down, the Holy Spirit sets us free and cleanses us from our sins. Taking communion must remind each individual that Christ will dwell in our bodies. This should make us more respectful to others and ourselves by following a Christ-like behavior.

A person not taking communion will not be worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven. God Himself said: “Whoever eats My flesh and drinks My blood has eternal life and I will raise him up at the last day.” (John 6:54) The Eucharist is a share in the inheritance of Heaven. Our vocation on this earth is to be holy and to follow God’s commandments, which include taking the Eucharist, so we can live with God eternally.

Whenever someone is taking communion, he is reminded with God’s love to us. Communion is a reminder that God died to save us on the cross to shed His blood for us. Communion is Christ sharing His heavenly award with us. Before He was betrayed, Jesus told His disciples to eat the bread and drink the wine. We still we still practice this until now as a way of remembering the sacrifice of God’s Son who paid the ultimate price for the atonement of our sins.

In conclusion, the Eucharist is definitely one of the important sacraments according to the Catholic faith. Without it, none of us will be saved on the last day. Taking communion regularly helps strengthen the relationship with Christ, as each person meets Him on the alter every Sunday. Without His salvation on the cross, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy all the Holy gift of the Eucharist.

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