Implementation Plan Objectives and Justification

Topics: XML, XHTML, World Wide Web Pages: 6 (1045 words) Published: March 28, 2011
Web 2.0 Enhancement Project

Mary Shanler, Alan Vessell, Tonya Reznor, and Travis Brandt


January 17, 2011

Mario Martinez Jr.

Implementation Plan Objectives and Justification: (Mary)

The objectives are crystal clear and specifically spelled out by using building blocks. The objectives should be reachable by:

• The addition of Web 2.0 functionality.

• Including CSS, XML, XSL, XSD and so forth where appropriate.

• Justifying the interfaces to each social networking.

• Last but certainly not least, preparing a PowerPoint presentation of the plan for the executive board.

Each of these tasks needs to be paired with an appropriate time frame for completion. This should be done aggressively but reasonable with time allocation in order to ensure not just completion but competent work. For instance, when framing the timescale, use a program such as Microsoft Project or create a Gantt chart. This is a helpful tool that shows how long it will take to complete the different tasks and in what order they should be finished.

A member of the management team needs to be in charge of monitoring each task’s progress and the completion percentage of each objective. When delays occur, try to get to the root of the problem. Did the person responsible drop the ball? Did he or she have too many responsibilities to handle? Adjusting the Gantt chart appropriately to account for the delay, and make note of the previous deadline and the reason it was missed.

While these steps might seem like overkill, the early days of startup are critically important; it is a time when good management patterns are set and also probably a lean era when revenue has yet to start rolling in. The more efficiently the business plan is started, the more likely it is that the project will survive this early period.

The idea of cost justification is the process of determining the return on the investment. Remember, good ideas have to be explained to top management in a language that they understand. Be aware that an approved project only gets you a “ticket to dance.” The real win occurs when the implementation comes off as planned and is considered a smashing success. All involved share in the benefit from a successful project.

Flowchart: (Mary)


• Video FacebookMapQuest

• PhotographyTwitterYellow Cab

• PodcastingBloggingOrbitz

• iTunesWiki

• Virtual Tour

Information Flows: (Travis)

System Design: (Travis)

The Baderman Island enhancement project will require the use of not just simple XML files, but the full gamut, including XSL, XSD, and CSS for the improved XHTML pages. A vast majority of the web pages will be converted to XML formatting for easier updating, and this will also make transforming the documents into other formats easier, if needed.

As there are different aspects to the Baderman Island's locations on the resort grounds, the entire sire will require multiple CSS files to ensure that each area has a unique feel while remaining consistent from one page to the next. The CSS will control many of the standardized images, such as headers, spacing, font sizes and colors, and backgrounds. These changes will be applied to all XHTML pages, whether they have been built as standard XHTML or if they were converted from XML files.

As a majority of the data for the website will be contained in XML format, the use of XSL will be very commonplace and primarily used to change the XML files into XHTML. Options to download to text or PDF will be made available for certain sections of the site, such as menus for the restaurants as well as printable schedules for the various events across the island. Using the XSL to pre-format the pages, providing clear and accurate information on the website will not prove difficult when updating the XML files directly with new data.

To ensure that the...

References: Hellman, D. (2006-2010). Make better websites. Retrieved from
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