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Section 2.1 Utilize – Implement
Go-Live Checklist

Use this tool is to ensure that you are truly ready to go live with a system after all other elements of implementation have been performed.

Instructions for Use
1. The project manager, administrator, and/or members of the health information technology (HIT) steering committee should use this checklist to validate that everything on the list has been performed.

2. Accompany the go-live checklist with a rehearsal of the go-live day. Your organization will use its test environment to actually perform each of the application’s functions. This can include staff role playing activities with one another to make sure they know what to say to a patient or their family members when they get ready to use the system, how to contact the help desk or help function in the system, and much more.

3. Go live generally refers to the first day the system will actually be used in a production mode by at least one user. The definition of go live can have ramifications on payment, where a payment milestone must be met on the first day of going live. The last payment to the vendor should not be made at the go-live date, but at some time after going live and ideally after everyone is live and accustomed to using the system. This ideally should be the time of the acceptance test.

Go-Live Planning
1. Set a date for go living during a time that is the least busy as possible.

2. Inform the vendor of this go-live date and use it to plan all aspects of the implementation, scheduling backwards from that date. Allow for contingencies.

3. Determine your rollout strategy (2.1 Rollout and Turnover Strategies).

4. Plan to notify other key individuals, third parties, and other vendors (e.g., physicians, labs, billing company) of your go-live date when it appears certain and request their support or at least their patience.

Several Days Prior to Go Live
□ Review evidence of testing
o Network: devices, connectivity, security
o Hardware: computers, monitors, navigational devices, cables, printers, scanners, servers, universal power supply (UPS), storage, backup server o Interfaces: lab, radiology, billing/clearinghouse, admission/discharge/transfers (ADT) as applicable, other o Software:

▪ Unit testing to ensure all system build is complete for: • Screens
• Templates
• Reports
▪ System testing to ensure data pass from one function to another: • Tasking
• Ordering
• E-prescribing
• Backup
□ Check workflow and process improvements
o Ensure changes to workflows and processes are documented and practiced o Ensure that the chart conversion and pre-load process has begun or is completed, depending on your process (1.2 Chart Conversion Planning). o Distribute devices to staff and ensure they know how to use them. Issue a certificate for training completion or have another celebratory process at this time. o Obtain sign off on each workflow and process map for the new HIT from each user for each process they will be performing. This reinforces the training already provided.

□ Review policy for use and achievement of goals with key stakeholders and reaffirm. Make any necessary changes if software precludes accomplishing goals. Also, set appropriate expectations that not everything will go perfectly on go-live day but that the organization will be fully staffed, with the vendor standing by as applicable, to do everything possible to provide assistance.

□ Review staff schedules
o Adjust schedules so those going live have a lighter patient load than normal. Expect that each staff member will take a bit longer to use the new HIT or electronic health record (EHR) with each patient for a few days. o For the initial phase, you may assign a super user and/or vendor representative to accompany each of those in the...
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