Implementation of Good Governance in Pakistan

Topics: Political corruption, Economics, Governance Pages: 5 (1109 words) Published: December 28, 2010
Good Governance in Pakistan
‘Governance’ is the exercise of power or authority – political, economic, administrative or otherwise –to manage a country's resources and affairs. It comprises the mechanisms, processes and institutions through which citizens and groups articulate their interests, exercise their legal rights, meet their obligations and mediate their differences. ‘Good governance’ means competent management of a country’s resources and affairs in a manner that is open, transparent, accountable, equitable and responsive to people’s needs.

Characteristics of Good Governance
2.Rule of law
5.Consensus orientation
7.Effectiveness and efficiency
9.Strategic vision
1.Institutional Imbalance
2.Poor relations between center and federating units
3.Political Instability
4.Poor planning and development
5.Inability to provide justice
6.Increasing rate of Corruption
7.Inefficient Economic Management
8.Expenditure Mismanagement
12.Lack of control over law and order situation
13.National Sovereignty of Pakistan is being affected
15.Strong hold of feudal system
16.Poor state of accountability
17.Sectarian and ethnic conflicts
18.hording of essential food commodities
19.Unfair system of taxation

1.Balance between the institutions
2.Good relations between the centre and the federation units 3.Equal distribution of resources
4.Equal justice
5.Reforms in Economic policies
6.Extra expenditures should be cut down
7.Accountability from the top
8.Establishment of anti-corruption courts
9.Enact legislation to improve accountability.
10.Independent private sector auditors
11.Implementation of core institutional reforms
12.Freedom of media
13.Natural Resources exploration
14.Efficient management of natural resources(wastage of water) 15.Empowerment of education
16.Empowerment of women
17.Fair system of election
18.Fair system of recruitment
19.Fair system of taxation
20.Control over militancy by dialogue

According to Global Infrastructure Anti Corruption Center (GIACC) : “In its wider sense, corruption includes one or more of bribery, extortion, fraud, deception, collusion, cartels, abuse of power, embezzlement, trading in influence and money laundering.” Pakistan is facing an extraordinary crisis today in almost every aspect of life. Inefficient state decisions, increasing lawlessness, inefficient justice system, crime and political power and serious erosion of legitimacy of authority. It is believed that the root cause behind all this situation is only and only corruption which has been diluted in the blood of majority of the government officials and other power shareholders. TRANSPARENCY INTERNATION REPORT 2010

1.The report titled the National Corruption Perception Survey 2010 showed a high rise in corruption from 195 billion rupees in the year 2009 to 223 billion rupees in the year 2010. 2.Bureaucracy and Police had maintained their ranking as the two of the most corrupt departments in public sector in 2010. 3.Land administration departments were placed third in corrupt practices. 4.Corruption in the judiciary, local government and education sectors has also increased as compared to the last year. CAUSES OF CORRUPTION IN PAKISTAN

1.Corruption is considered as a right: It is considered as a crime, rather it is considered as a right in Pakistan. Once Federal Minister for defence production, Mr Abdul Qayum Jatoi said: " All groups---Sindhi, Pakhtun, Baloch, Saraiki and Punjabi-----should get equal share in corruption(source The dawn 26-06-10) 2.Pathetic Political will: It is just because of weak of political will. Our law makers do not want to eradicate corruption. As once Federal Minister for...
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