Good Governance

Topics: Poverty, Rural area, Rural, Millennium Development Goals, Rural culture, Bangladesh / Pages: 15 (3644 words) / Published: Jul 21st, 2013
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|Bangladesh is a poor country with a population of about 140 mil crammed into a small area of 55,000 sq. miles. It is an LLDC country|
|with per capita income of US$ 444 (as per recent BRAC data). About half the population is landless and lives with less than one US |
|dollar per day. |
|Literacy rate of the country is less than 60%, though the enrollment in the primary school is increasing. Women empowerment is on |
|the rise and enrollment of women in the secondary and higher secondary schools has improved considerably. |
|“Health service for all” is still a far cry. Although the Govt. health complexes in the Upazilla and in some cases in the Union are |
|noteworthy in a poor country like Bangladesh and also the budget in the health sector is satisfactory but due to lack of good |
|governance, people are not getting the health services. But it can be mentioned that child mortality rate has considerably improved |
|and life span has increased considerably.

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