Impacts of Communication on Employees' Performance

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Employee Performance Communication System

Mid-Term Progress Review and
Performance Plan Updates


Employee Performance Communication System3
Important Dates3
Reporting Requirements4
Changing the Performance Plan5
Supervisory Plan Update5
Results and Measures5
Specific and Measurable6
Attainable (Yet Challenging)8
Absolute Standards9
Effecting Changes10
Preparing Talking Points10
The Progress Review Meeting10
Documenting the Progress Review was Held11
For More Information11

Employee Performance Communication System

Mid-Term Progress Review and
Performance Plan Updates


It’s time for supervisors and managers to give mid-term, performance feedback!  This is the time to let your employees know what they have been doing well and should continue doing and in what ways performance may be improved or enhanced.  A written narrative is not required for issuance to the employee except when performance is deficient.

Remember, one progress review at approximately mid-point in the performance appraisal cycle is required, however, to have well-developed performers, you must engage them on a regular basis.

Important Dates

(Note Reporting Requirements)
The mid-point for the May 2006-April 2007 performance appraisal cycle is October-November. Please complete your progress reviews by November 30. If you established the performance appraisal at a later date, calculate the dates representing the mid-point in the performance period. For example, you issued a performance plan on August 1, 2006, for the appraisal period ending April 30, 2007. The mid-point will be approximately mid-December through mid-January and the performance progress review should be completed not later than mid-February. Is it okay to conduct the mid-cycle progress review sooner than the end of the mid-point? Yes, you may conduct the review within a reasonable timeframe around the mid-point of the performance cycle, however, ensure the performance plan has been in place for the minimum appraisal period as shown below.

|Employee |Minimum Appraisal Period | |Non-bargaining unit employees |90 days | |Covered by Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) with Goddard Engineers, |120 days | |Scientists & Technicians Association (GESTA) | |

Reporting Requirements

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM), the Department with oversight and regulatory authority for the Federal performance management system, collects data to determine how well Agencies are implementing performance processes and thereby meeting the requirements for maintaining its “Green” status for performance accountability under the President’s Management Agenda.

To meet the reporting requirement concerning Progress Reviews conducted, Goddard must certify to NASA Headquarters that mid-cycle reviews have been completed in accordance with OPM appraisal assessment requirements. Therefore, mid-cycle reviews should be completed not later than November 30, 2006, except in those instances when the mid-cycle progress review must be delayed. We request supervisors certify the number of reviews completed, the number that could not be completed (and the reason) to the Human Capital Representative for the organization not later than December 4. The Human Capital Representative will then forward the information via email to Bernadette Fowler at , Office of Human Capital Management, Performance and Worklife...
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