Impact of the Computer and Internet

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Impact of the computer and Internet

May 1, 2012

Computers first made there debut and have been around since in the 1940s and the Internet since in the 1970s. Computer were large single room unit that have changed into hand held devices and microchips. The Internet was a blog where people from all over the world could post questions and get answers and now the Internet has become a global search engine. In the future, computers and the Internet will not only continue to evolve; they will be every day aspect to living in this society. Computers will be the new tools for communication and also play a big part in our every day life. In the future, our day's tasks will be checked using a personal robotic butler, the misplaced car keys will be located by entering the word keys into a cellphone and getting a call back saying bedroom. Our cars will be self driven and would be able to park themselves. After work, there may be ads on the shopping mall wall reconfigure to suit each person passing by, so when there is a sign for a concert, you buy a ticket by waving your cellphone over the billboard. This next wave of computers will be so small they hardly seem like computers at all. The screen of billboards will be able to broadcast different ad depending on the time of day or the person walking past. People will be able take a picture of the ad using their camera phones and use it as a coupon for the product being advertised. They may also be able to project imagies of family member which you talk to them on telephone call. In the future, the number one major issue will be privacy. We are currently leaving a digital footprints and it will only grow larger in the future. Tracking someone can be iillgal and has raised troubling privacy issues but in recents years people are giving up this information free. Websites like Twiter, Myspace...

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